Race Rules:

1. Punching, kicking, shoving of zombies is not allowed. Sure, the zombies look real, and sure are scary, but these are people here to have fun as you are. Runners who violate this rule will be disqualified.

2. Your flag belt is to remain visible at all times. Runners who attempt to hide their belts may be disqualified from receiving any award. Let’s keep it fair folks!

3. Runners must wear their racing bibs clearly and visibly on the front of their shirt/attire. If we can’t see your bib, you can’t run the race. (These are used to identify you, please make it easy to do so)

4. In the event that all your health flags have been removed by zombies, you are free to complete the race. This is not a license to begin taking other runners flags – Sure you’ve been infected, but you’re not a zombie yet! (Why rush it?)

5. Runners must be at least 14 years of age by race day

6. No weapons are allowed on the premises. For the safety and peace of mind of all present, this includes replica weapons as well

7. No outside food/beverages allowed – There will be plenty of food vendors on hand to keep you happy! Food, drink, desserts…