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Zombie Survival Dash is a 5k obstacle course mud run – With zombies… That’s right, we let loose a secret number (It’s a lot) of zombies to invade and infect the course before your race begins, it’s your job to make it through the challenging course and obstacles all the way to the finish line without getting caught by the zombies!

Here’s where things get really interesting…

You are provided a flag belt with 3 “flags” or health at the beginning of the race. You wear the belt through the race, and the zombies are tasked with removing those health… Lose all 3 and you’re dead! (Sure, you can still finish the race, but you must have at least 1 health left to be counted amongst the survivors!)

The Zombies (What makes it a Zombie 5K!

Now for the fun part – The zombies… As you make your way through the woods, you never know at what point you’ll be attacked – Heck, you don’t even know WHAT might attack! Is that corpse laying on the ground over there really a corpse? Or might it sit up and stumble after you at any moment? You might run into a small out-break, or find yourself surrounded by a dozen attacking dead as soon as you turn the corner…

The point here is that you’ll need more than just your speed to survive. Just like in the movies, you’ll need your brains if you wish to make it to the finish line as a zombie mud runsurvivor… Want to boost the fun even more? Invite your friends and race as a team! Reach the finish line (As a survivor we hope!) and kick things into party mode with your all day access to the after-party!

Live music, food, drinks, vendors and memorabilia to browse… It’s all here! But what really makes this party unique is the zombie survival challenges. If the Zombie 5k wasn’t enough for you, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to put your zombie apocalypse survival skills to the test! Zombie shooting, grenade throwing (Test your accuracy) and even body bag dragging. Who would of thought the end of the world could be this much fun? Click that register button below to reserve your spot before it’s too late! Invite your friends and make it a crazy day you’ll never forget! (Ticketing closes in 1 day)